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Abstraction in Portraiture

Updated: Oct 12, 2019

So it seems that graduate school is living up to its reputation. It is indeed true what they say about the workload and lack of sleep.

Also, it turns out that 99% of grad students take on average 2 classes every quarter; it takes most students over the advertised 2 years to graduate. I am currently managing the workload of 3.

One (small) component of just 1 of these 3 classes is to create 100 drawing: any size, any medium, lots of creative liberty.

I created a series of portraits using vine charcoal on paper, and gave myself a lot of expressive freedom with gestural strokes. I have been actively trying to focus on the moment while creating art with the notion, as said by the spiritual leader Eckhart Tolle, that "Every true artist, whether they know it or not, creates from a place of no mind, of inner stillness." Those of you who know me (especially from art school) are well aware of my affinity and frequent usage of that phrase.

Check out some of the pieces I have created lately inspired by my yearn for freedom and expression in regards to drawing portraiture:

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