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New Materials & Working with Yupo

Jessica Glover, 7 x 5", pen and watercolor on transparent Yupo, 2019.

For my 25 paintings assignment, I decided to create abstracted watercolor portraits on transparent sheets of Yupo paper, with pieces measuring 7 x 5" each.

These portraits allude to the subjective psychological/philosophical aspects of the human experience. This is in alignment with the majority of portraiture I have done before, specifically where elements are abstracted through a combination of additive and subtractive techniques. I employ this technique with my usual medium - acrylic paint on transparent Duralar, sheets of plastic, plexi-glass, or traditional glass panes (generally anything with 100% transparency). The materials and methods I used for these 25 abstracted portraits differ completely from my portraits in acrylic.

Here is an example of a quick study I did in acrylic during Professor Eltringham's class for comparison:

"Spark Study," Jessica Glover, 12 x 9", acrylic on transparent Duralar, 2019.

The first painting of this large project marked the first time I have ever painted on Yupo paper. The paper is 100% synthetic and made in a lab, specifically created to maximize its effects in working with wet media. And the first time I sat down with my Windsor & Newton watercolors to work with it, it was just.. wow... I relished every watery effect that coalesced and happened so effortlessly as I thoughtlessly splattered and focused on staying in a place of no-mind (I am referring of course of Master Eckhart Tolle). I was in complete amazement and loved the process as I meditatively painted one after the next.

Professor Eltringham of SCAD's Painting Department first recommended that I try Yupo in his class last year. Back then I was more stuck on the glass and using fully-transparent surfaces. This Yupo paper, while advertised as "translucent" on the packaging, only allows light partially through. Then a few weeks ago I sat as a model for the amazingly talented portrait artist Pedro Covo in his studio, who also recommended that I try painting specifically watercolor on Yupo for it's beautiful effects. He gave me a single sheet to experiment and try it out, and it was on that sheet that I realized the beautiful watery exquisiteness that can be captured on Yupo paper!

Jessica Glover, 7 x 5", pen and watercolor on transparent Yupo, 2019.


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